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Root canal treatment is often needed to be done on teeth when the nerve inside the tooth has become necrotic, or died over time. The teeth often exhibit painful symptoms such as severe sensitivity, tenderness to pressure and biting, or an abscess has formed.
The most common cause of a necrotic or dead tooth, is dental decay that has reached the nerve. In some scenarios, you may not have even felt any pain until after the nerve has died. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected nerve inside the tooth and replacing the empty space with a biocompatible filling material.


The procedure involves the same dental anaesthesia as if a filling we to be done. A small entry hole is made into the middle of the tooth, and the nerve tissue is then cleaned with specialised thin dental instruments called files. Multiple x-rays are taken in order for the dentist to adequately clean the inside of the tooth. The empty space is then filled with a material that is biocompatible in the mouth. Root canal treatment is often done over 2-3 appointments.

Root canal treatment is necessary to get rid of the infected nerve tissue, however the tooth inevitably becomes brittle and prone to fracturing. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a crown is placed after root canal treatment, in order to protect it for many years. If a crown is not placed after root canal treatment, you may be left with a broken tooth in the future.

The tooth may darken after root canal treatment since the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth have been removed. Your dentist can inform you on ways to improve the colour of your darkened tooth.

Root canal treatment usually has a success rate of 90-94% if done correctly. However, in some cases, the procedure may be too complex, and you may need to see a root canal specialist (endodontist) in order to complete the treatment.

The cost of root canal treatment depends on how many nerve canals are inside the tooth (ranging from a single canal, up to 4). Should you need root canal treatment, our dentists will provide you a clear quote before commencing the first stage

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