Teeth Whitening In Bendigo

Are you look for options for tooth whitening in Bendigo,Victoria. Whitening your teeth is a cost-effective way of obtaining a whiter and brighter smile in a quick and easy fashion. A consultation is required prior to the whitening process, in order to make sure you are suitable for the procedure. Any specific questions can also be asked and answered at this time.

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There are two options for teeth whitening:


  • Take-home whitening starts off with approximately 15 minutes in the dentist chair. The dentist will take moulds of your teeth, from which a bleaching tray will be provided to you at the subsequent appointment.
  • You will be able to whiten your own teeth with this tray at home every night for approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on how many shades you wish to improve.
  • You may top-up your whitening if you feel that your teeth have gotten darker over time. This may be especially important for significant life events (i.e. weddings) that are coming up soon.
  • There are many different concentrations for different people and their lifestyles, which will determine the duration and how often you use the trays for.
  • Top ups can be purchased by themselves at future dental visits without having to repurchase the entire introductory kit.


  • If you are hoping for a more definitive and quicker result, in-chair whitening will be ideal for you.
  • In-chair whitening takes approximately 60 minutes in the dentist chair (4 cycles of 15 minutes each), and can improve your teeth many shades lighter in a relatively short time. A consultation would be required for all patients prior to in-chair whitening to determine if they are suitable for the procedure.
  • Most stains cannot be removed by in-chair whitening, and so a full mouth clean beforehand is often recommended to provide a better end-result.
  • Patients will receive a take-home whitening kit after the procedure in order to top-up when necessary. Instructions on how to use the take-home whitening kit after in-chair whitening will be provided to you by the dentist, in order to achieve the best long-term results.

Extra information on whitening:

  • Whitening does not damage or weaken your teeth.
  • The most common side effect of whitening is temporary sensitivity. The dentist will advise you on the best protocol in order to minimize the amount of sensitivity after whitening, so it is important to follow these instructions carefully.
  • The use of tooth mousse after bleaching will help to alleviate any short-term sensitivity.
  • If sensitivity persists for longer than expected, it is advised you take a break from whitening. Consult your dentist for further advice if this occurs.
  • Gum irritation may also occur, especially if you have gum disease. It will be recommended to discuss with the dentist about your gum disease and ways to manage it prior to teeth whitening. Utilizing too much of the whitening gel at once may also cause significant gum irritation.
  • Unfortunately, your fillings will remain the same colour throughout the whitening process, so you may choose to replace unsightly fillings with more aesthetic fillings after the procedure is completed.
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