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Not everyone is blessed with beautiful straight teeth the moment their adult teeth come through. Some patients have crowded teeth, some have spaces between their teeth, and some have teeth that never came through in the first place! Luckily these days there are many ways to fix these problems, and below is a brief summary of each of these solutions.

Actual Cases By Dr Ken Teoh and Dr Lisa Guo  At EPSOM Dental

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Invisalign is the best and most popular clear-aligner option in the world, and has been the absolute gold-standard for many years. Invisalign consists of clear aligners that reliably and comfortably move your teeth into the ideal positions over several months. These aligners are usually changed every 2 weeks, and the treatment duration can be as little as 14 weeks! Most treatment times last approximately 9-12 months, however this depends on the severity of the initial problem.

Other clear-aligner alternatives have come and gone, however Invisalign is responsible for hundreds of thousands of happy patients across the world and have the most advanced technology in their aligners compared to all their competitors. This allows you to have lower treatment times, more cost-effective options, flawless aesthetics, and a reliable final result that is second-to-none.

At Epsom Dental, we are one of the very few clinics that also have our hands on the iTero Element 2, which is a state-of-the-art dental scanner specifically designed for Invisalign. With our iTero scanner, we are able to take extremely accurate scans of your teeth within 2 minutes, and then provide a before and after simulation so you can see what your teeth will look at the end of your Invisalign treatment! What better way to help you decide what to do, and the best thing is all this can be done during your very first consultation!

iTero Element 2
Traditional Braces


Traditional braces have been a reliable option for many of our adult patients who may not be suitable for Invisalign, or our young patients below the age of 15. Traditional braces have been around for many decades, and can correct any issue including dental crowding, spacing, bite problems, deep bites, open bites, etc.

We provide the option of utilising ceramic (white) brackets on your teeth so that the braces are less visible to the naked eye. Nearly 100% of our patients choose this option, as unlike other dental clinics, we charge the same price for non-ceramic and ceramic (white) braces!

At Epsom Dental, we also provide the option of having short-term braces, which can be as short as 3 months! This option is perfect for patients who have very minor dental issues (e.g. one or two teeth that are slightly out of alignment, or small gaps between teeth) and don’t wish to have braces on for an extended period of time.

More Cases By Dr Ken Teoh and Dr Lisa Guo  At EPSOM Dental

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